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Order Fulfillment

Pick/Pack Ship

The Maverick way is through technology, people, and process refinement we reduce waste and spend. The utilization of technology within our facilities is essential to the seamless delivery of exceptional service. The 100% transparency of system and visibility of every order and item from end to end is essential. Wearable tech to enhance the speed and accuracy of order fulfillment, automated packing stations which provide quality control, image capture, and status notifications are just a few of the tools utilized.

Omni channel services

Routing Guide adherence, website enhancement, images and sku maintenance within your shopping cart and ensuring appropriate stock levels to fill orders are base services at Maverick. We guarantee best in class systems which allow transparency through every channel. Simplify the complicated. Our platform is quickly integrated with big box retailers and even the mom & pop channel. Clients gain enhanced service and reduce cost through our straight forward user friendly interface. We will grow profit and streamline what can be a complicated mix.

eCommerce Integration & Management

The packaging of your product can have an enormous effect on consumer sentiment as well as your overall cost of delivery. Maverick will help to design packaging that is consistent with delivery pricing structures, decrease waster per unit of measure and speed delivery to the end consumer at minimum cost.

Logistics Solutions

Integrated Global Trade Management

Gain visibility into the upstream processing and shipment of your inventory through Maverick's integrated platform. Watch your product End to End and let Maverick handle the Ocean/Air Carriers, documentation, clearance, and even save you money though our many partners in Global Trade Compliance. Classification audit of your products and timely updates through our mobile customer portal are just the beginning of how we optimize your supply chain.

Exchanges & Returns Management

Our reverse logistics experts will create a solution for you to eliminate the hassle and reduce the cost of returns and exchanges. We work with you to develop a solution designed for your product and level of customer service in mind.

Integrated Services Platform

Netsuite WMS and SuiteCommerce have been chose by Maverick for one reason. Capability. The functional design and ability to customize our platform is unlike any other service provider. Our Clients are not forced to alter processes in order to fit into a standard, rigid wms platform that has limited visibility and out dated reporting. Our platform is a disruptor and key to the digital transformation within your supply chain. We can provide a level of transparency to our clients that delivers true peace of mind. Contact us to setup a demo at your convenience. We love to show it off!

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