In a Pinch This Holiday Season? Maverick Fulfillment Is the 3PL Partner For You

March 29th, 2021

The holidays are going to look a little different this year for retailers. While shopping in-store may still be happening, online retail is expected to grow 18.5% this year, with 64% of consumers saying they will spend more online than last year. Online sales for retailers in specific categories are expected to see a bump. Fashion is estimated to go up 19%, consumer electronics are expected to grow 20% and home furnishings rising 16% by the end of 2020.

So, what does this mean for you and your business? As we get closer to the holiday season, the added pressures of an increase in customer demand will become more and more evident. Having a 3PL partner during the holiday season will not only be beneficial to you and your business’ profitability, it will be crucial to giving your customers the kind of service they’ve come to expect from online retailers. If you find yourself doing a last-minute search for 3PL partners due to the increase in product demand, Maverick Fulfillment is a great resource for contract work, and it’s never too late to book with us.

One of the many upsides of being a small startup is that we understand what it takes for a small to mid-size business to succeed, and we know that the ability to go above and beyond what other 3PL companies can offer in situations like these makes all the difference. That’s why we offer a full suite of Value Added Services, like Packaging and Kitting, and provide effective oversight to ensure that the quality standard for your project exceeds your expectations.

We have a user-friendly single-source platform that helps organize all transactions and documentation, as well as centralize your entire supply chain and inventory management needs in one place. Our extensive network capabilities and seamless integration will allow for more accurate inventory updates, which in turn will help you provide better customer service. This will also eliminate the hassle of working with multiple providers.

But more importantly, we’re not just going to fulfill your orders. As your operating partner, we’re going to look for ways to optimize the customer experience and save you money throughout your supply chain, inventory procurement and sales process to try and add value to your business above and beyond what everyone else in the space does.

With e-commerce growth up 54% compared to this time last year, having an operating partner that will find ways to save you time and money is going to be extremely valuable. Maverick Fulfillment is the operating partner you need. For more information about partnering with Maverick Fulfillment, contact us at or call us at 972-488-4993.

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